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outside the sunflowers

Outside the wall there was a slight breeze, cool wind fluctuations under the wall and students. They are so small, not conspicuous can grow only in the wall, but it is happy, because they love the sun, dotted with a home, the wind, please slowly blowing, spread out the faint fragrance, fragrance far away.

That year, she was five years old. A sunny spring day, her mother, soundless and stirless leave the earth, she knelt to in front of the bed shaking her hand, hope this is not true only normal mother and myself laugh like game. Mother never wake up, at that moment, she knew the pain, tears are like old mother and their intimate smile hung like a face. Father lost his spirit, drinking all day. Perhaps the day of tears, tears dried memories without memory, write on the face full of sadness, people most of the time from her home out of date she quietly up face to see the sun. A group of naughty boys often pass by her door made faces, say in mouth fool fool. On her name. People say the child is too bad, mother, and stupid, she only loved the quiet corner's sweet little flower so unique, even No one shows any interest in still beautiful. The corner of the flowers, she's happy, people could not understand this silly girl happy.

When she was ten years old, home decorate one to many people, the father will be in fine fig restored to their former wind. Flowers from others' comments that father to remarry, her heart unspeakable suffering, but no longer face about, flowers will only with the world, which can care about in there? She was all gone to see, the stepmother has also brought a little brother, father is very like the two new members. The day is out, but the stepmother cannot annoy, she is a chili pepper, Chongqing. People say the flower life is too bitter, school dropout, home to a ten year old child, laundry, cooking, housework, feed the animals. Age the princess in the heaven, she is in hell. Some old people secretly help floret, but bring the stepmother heartless eyes, people dare not. His father was working to turn a deaf ear to reflect back around, he is weak people know. Day to day asleep, sleep, you know. Silly flower wearing old clothes bought before mother, whitening and sparse, be reduced to fragments as the planet once the happy heart.

Have the Spring Festival, fireworks all over the sky, fireworks easy cold, mother loves her in heaven watching her, she believes that will see the mother again. Father is happy, she is happy. So beautiful was at the window watching the. The door is open, the stepmother took the little brother followed by father came, the lights. The watch that son of stepmother suddenly pointed the table said she stole his, how can, it is when the mother had five years old birthday to her. Indisputable, the father's face darkened, five fingers hot printed on the face, it is the father? He knew, no tears, because the stem. The stepmother took the watch in his hand, eyes left ruthless. Little brother made a face of joy away. Today is new year's Eve, family reunion, reunion.

In spring, the river became civilized. The sunflower sprouting, bud.

The stepmother's son and a group of children fish in the river network, the life of the accident around every corner, sometimes comes with the wind. The stepmother son slipped, leaned forward to help children, panic in from all sides. Be angry stepmother just out of the house she was outside the wall shaking, happened to hear the far side of the river for help, she ran and jumped into the water to water his hands toward on the ups and downs in his companion's well saved, convulsions and she did not have the strength to swim ashore. The adult again she rescued from the water, she saw the mother's smile, away from the urban area ambulance for at least an hour, earth approach of village doctors can't bring a patient back to life, let her wake up. From the village on the hillside. A new grave, breeze, and full of sunshine, haven't been able to go home. Go home, why would she save her stepmother's son? Obviously can not save, reason has a million, to save his reason only a small portrait, father gently took home the house, he owed her happiness when it? Blow the wind know, a daughter got the rights for equal life for him, flowers open all over the mountains and plains.

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