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The bug of impermanence

Down the mountain after the rest of the big tree, we sit in the gate.

Although it is four p.m., but Beijing's sky is still very hot, looked round shiny surface, who do not want to leave this cool and refreshing green shade.

Suddenly, the daughter says: Mom, watch your step.

I thought it was a how something fierce. Take a closer look, is a very delicate green bug, body length of more than one centimeter a little more. It is the ground trying to crawl with.

Anyway, nothing, I went to this little life has curiosity.

When it is crawling, is always in high arched body, and then move forward. The first step is not easy. Brick edge it along the tree tiled to our side to climb. (prose Network: www.sanwen.net)

In them there are a lot of big and small ants are busy running the.

Her daughter asked: the insects would eat ants?

No, but the ants will eat the poor worm.

At this time, there was an ant on the ground jump chaos, met this bug, estimates that it was this delicious eyes a bit large, so do not stay around in it, immediately rush around, as if to say hello Companions to attack.

My daughter and I are looking forward to this squirmy worms can quickly escape from the life and death. It may also feel the ominous atmosphere around, obviously accelerated creep speed.

But it so its walk for a while, they become anxious. It does not know will decide on what path to follow. Every place is strange. It touched a small piece of withered branches, it crawled over excited. I think it may be from this tree accidentally fell down, it lost its home. Now it smell the taste of the leaves and branches, how can not excited? But did not take two steps, it is found that has gone. It had high explore the upper body looked around, found the front is a stretch as far as eye can see sand, it is running with a black ants. It decided to come back, and then along the brick path, it seems that a little more secure.

It keeps his slight body to look at, and then reluctantly falling down, and then crawled reluctantly. It and go around, watching the sad.

It may be a birth began to dwell in that piece of leaves and branches, it is familiar with that in atmosphere, leaf innocently eating green, with the sun and the aftertaste of the breath of breeze; thirsty sucking point of moisture, the most beautiful of the world as if it is a fine, delicious wine. What good life pursuit? It is thought that this worm is no life without death, boundless. It may never have a chance from parents, grandparents there heard the insects of the history, it may also have never seen the beautiful scenery of the winter snow change unpredictably. It was born as a luxuriant summer, is a world full of dark green, is the warm sunshine.

It didn't think time will flash to the confusing world. It might start thinking about his next step where the road.

But thinking can only increase the pain.

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