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The taste of life

From birth, we are destined to irresistible embroiled in a big loss NuHart, loss of time, loss of space, there are many confused trifling thing. This is the life, but also can be said to be born to death between a or long or short time.

Often heard people said: "my life is very delicious." Or is the lament: "life is hard." But I often wonder: life is what taste?

When hungry, see the food will instinctively couldn't help with saliva NuHart, even the thought of eating is also trying hard to swallow slobber. More want to own their own more hungry, hungry, not strong enough words, as long as there are to eat, no matter what, what are willing to. This is eager to taste. Work, especially to do farm work, facing loess back into the air, the hot sun baked, sweating, back pain, feeling unable to bear the heavy collapse. This is tired.

Yangchun in March, enjoying the gentle sunlight, with slight breeze NuHart, humming a melody, have their own love and their love of the people to accompany, mountain climbing, playing with the sea, shopping...... Loitering in the various scenery, linger in the bustling, light like a bird. This is the taste of happiness. The north wind was howling, coldly Piaofei snow, tree grass wilt d-helper, everywhere barren, desolate even a bug shadow also don't see, such a wood to a dead-alive person in like this a silence in moving. This is the lonely, dreary taste.

Nibble a grass, chew slowly, savoring, first is bitter, and later was a little sweet, with grass unique coolness; slow eating a piece of bread, watched a large quietly become smaller, suddenly feel life is a piece of bread, we lost time is to be swallowed bread, finally leaving only full satiety and hunger or were still empty.

Suddenly I found that I fell into a big jar, there are many seasoning packet NuHart, sour, sweet, bitter, hot, there is sour, sweet, bitter, hot in which two or more mixed, there are no words to express. Suddenly feel myself on the roller coaster, ups and downs, the ups and downs. Life is everywhere, we are everywhere in life. But I still don't know what is the exact taste of life.

I am searching, think hard, finally found that life is no taste, or the taste of life Is it right? Taste taste. This is a very strange smell. Do not eat chili, sugar, you are hot, he is also said to be hot, you say is sweet, he is also said to be sweet, everyone's ideas are the same. But when you complain that life is bitter, others do not feel the same, you feel that life is very happy, others might feel life is very bitter.

Maybe life is like a cup of boiling water, add acid, is acid, add sweet, is sweet, with bitter, of course, is the bitter...... You join what flavor, what flavor is. Differ from man to man, but also because of mood.  

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